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Pathway 2022-2023 highlight Week Lead Pathfinder Email Career Coach Email High School School District Manufacturing Oct. 18-22 Maury Giachelli Gregg Allen – Lead Pathfinder Daniel Galloway – Support; Future Lead Pathfinder Dee Coleman Shannon High School Lee County Health Sciences Nov. 15-19 Kim Warner Cora Polson Tina Snyder […]

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 “It is the responsibility of the people of Mississippi to try to raise the level – economically, spiritually, and otherwise – of all the people of Mississippi. There’s nobody else who’s going to come in here and do it for us.” – George McLeanThe McLean Award for PhilanthropyThe McLean Award for Philanthropy is given to […]

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CREATE Financials Financial InfoRMATION Investment Program CREATE Foundation preserves and protects your investments and charitable intentions forever.  The unique power of endowments means that as your gifts grow, they continue to benefit the community now and in the future.  In order to accomplish this, the majority of CREATE Foundation’s endowed funds are pooled together and […]

Testimonial – Donor Advised Fund: Jack Brown and Family

Jack Brown and Family Before our family entered into a partnership with CREATE Foundation, the financial support we provided to ministries and agencies had to be contributed before the end of the year to be deductible for tax purposes. However, that did not always fit our timing and desires. A friend suggested a donor advised […]

Testimonial – Donor Advised Fund: Long Distributors

Long Distributors Corinth Advised Fund I became interested in CREATE’s donor advised funds after a friend told me about it. Our family business has a history of making charitable contributions, usually at the end of our fiscal year. Of course, some donations are made throughout the year, but most of our giving occurs after the […]

McLean Legacy Society

McLean Legacy Society The McLean Legacy Society honors those forward-thinking individuals who have let the Foundation know that they have plan to leave a gift to the community through a bequest, trust, life insurance policy, or retirement plan. CREATE extends its gratitude to them for making northeast Mississippi a better place now and in the […]

Endow Mississippi

Endow Mississippi Strengthening CharitableGiving in Mississippi ENDOW Mississippi is a state tax credit program that is an incentive to encourage individuals, businesses, and organizations to make lasting investments in their local communities through charitable giving. It was created in 2019 by the State Legislature to encourage gifts to permanent endowments at qualified community foundations, like […]