Union County



Contact: Dr. Collett B. Cross, Executive Director

P.O. Box 125

New Albany, Mississippi 38652

(662) 316-0808


Established January 2002

UNITE, a community foundation supporting civic, educational, health, human service, and cultural initiatives throughout Union county, was established in 2000. Through UNITE, individuals, families, organizations and corporations make tax deductible donations which are administered by CREATE Foundation. Earned income is returned to the community in the form of grants to improve the quality of life for all residents of Union county. UNITE offers Union county residents the opportunity to provide funds for worthwhile community initiatives involving the arts, the environment, community development, education, human services and historical preservation. Also, it provides a flexible means for charitable giving, and for permanent endowments to address community challenges and opportunities for generations to come.

With the first gift to UNITE made in January 2002, many individuals expressed a desire to give back to their community. Through contributions and pledges, UNITE met its goal to raise $200,000. CREATE Foundation then granted an additional $100,000.

UNITE’’s Board of Directors is dedicated to building the foundation so that additional funds will always be available. Emphasis will be placed on increasing unrestricted funds and in educating the public on ways to make gifts for designated areas of special interest.

Gifts and bequests will provide funds for many worthwhile community projects, which will continue to enrich the lives of those who live in Union county.


Board of Directors:

James (Bo) Collins

Gary Cooper

Collett Cross, Executive Director

Cathy Garrett

Mike Kirk

Moises Lemus

Dale Manning

Margaret Maxwell

Mary Jennifer Russell

Phil Morris, Vice President

Ann Shirley

Bill Smallwood

Anne J. Stephens

Billye Jean Stroud

Travis Wiseman, Chair



UNITE is awarded the 2011 James Hugh Ray Community Affiliate Award.