Lafayette County

Contact: Jody Holland, Executive Director
Lafayette/Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow
PO Box 3041
Oxford, MS 38655

Established:  December 2002

The Lafayette/Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow was established in 2002 to provide an alternative philanthropic vehicle for people who want to enhance an already great community in Oxford/Lafayette County. We are fortunate to have many strong organizations that support our community. Most of these organizations are oriented towards immediate purposes, however, whereas LOFT provides more of a long-term approach to community support. We think of LOFT as a “savings” account that will ensure long-term support for many worthwhile activities. Unrestricted gifts to LOFT can be made over time, up to 5 years, and will receive full tax-deductible benefits. With LOFT spending the investment interest only, donors can be assured that they are making a gift that will endure.

LOFT’s mission is to provide support for numerous civic, educational, health, human services and cultural activities that will improve the quality of life for all Lafayette County residents. LOFT offers an excellent way to identify local needs and then do something about them. Your investment in LOFT will yield stronger neighborhoods, schools, organizations, and lives, now and in the future.

LOFT has awarded  grants to the City of Oxford,  Oxford-Lafayette County Heritage Foundation, RSVP/TRIAD, Oxford Park Commission, Garden Friends, Lafayette Elementary, Gordon Head Start, Angel Ranch, Cedar Oaks, and YAC.

Elise Lee, Chair
Donald Cole
Earl Dismuke
Anne Clark Downing
Jennifer Eastland
Dotsy Fitts
Amy Goodin
Campbell Helveston
Jody Holland, Executive Director

Jacob Jordan
Melody Maxey
Kate McNees
Ken Rutherford
Betsy Smith
Hattie Steiner
Afton Thomas


LOFT wins the 2013 James Hugh Ray Community Affiliate Award.