Lee County

BOURLAND - DR. AND MRS. WALTER BOURLAND SCHOLARSHIP (for a NE MS resident attending medical school)

Deadline: 03/31/2019
Established in honor of Dr. and Mrs.Walter Bourland by their children to provide scholarships annually to residents of Northeast Mississippi who have been accepted to medical school. Preference is given to Lee County residents. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and score a minimum of 25 on the MCAT. $1,000 will be awarded each year.

BYRNE-FIELD SCHOLARSHIP (for Lee County seniors)

Deadline: 03/31/2019
This scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bush, Jr. to honor the memory of Matilda Catherine Byrne and Jennings Pemble Field, parents of Katie Ruth Field Bush. This award is made annually to a graduating senior in Lee County. It is designed to reward the efforts of a senior student who has overcome various obstacles in life in order to graduate from high school, which may include disadvantages such as education, poverty, or physical handicaps.

RUSSELL DORMAN SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School seniors)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
Established by his sisters in memory of Russell and in honor of his parents, Jimmy and Pat Dorman, this fund helps graduating seniors who possess Russell’s unforgettable character and desire to succeed. This scholarship is open to graduating Tupelo High School seniors.

EXPRESS EMPLOYMENT PROFESSIONALS SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School seniors pursuing a technical or trade degree)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
Express Employment Professionals would like to offer two $500 scholarships at awards night at THS. Two successful, deserving students will be chosen by three staff members of the THS Career-Technical Center by March 31, 2018. If these two students earn a GPA of 2.75 or higher after the first semester at ICC, an additional $500 scholarship will be awarded for the second semester at ICC.

Our criteria would be:

Express Employment Professionals of Tupelo would like to award two $500 scholarships to two students who have demonstrated commitment and success in Tupelo High School Career-Technical Program with the intention of continuing their studies at ICC. Students who demonstrate a financial need and will be completing one of the following majors in May 2019 are eligible for the scholarships:

 Automotive Service Technology
 Collision Repair
 Engineering
 Welding
 Construction Technology

It is our belief that these careers are the economic drivers of our region and our country and we would like to award those students who have successfully completed one of the above courses of study and who intend to continue that field of study at ICC. Please send all applications and the names of the winners to: CREATE Foundation, Inc.

C/O Katie Stuart
P.O. Box 1053
Tupelo, MS 38802

JOHN PAUL FRERER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School graduating seniors)

Deadline: 03/31/2019
This scholarship was established in memory of John Paul Frerer by his family. Two $10,000 scholarships will be given annually to graduating seniors at Tupelo High School. The student must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, a minimum ACT of 20 and must attend a four year college. The scholarship will be paid $1,250 per semester, and the recipient must maintain a 3.0 GPA in college to keep the scholarship.

JOHN PAUL FRERER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (for graduating seniors at St. James Catholic Church)

Deadline: 03/31/2019
This scholarship was established in memory of John Paul Frerer by his family for high school seniors attending St. James Catholic Church. Four scholarships of $1,000 each will be given, and one scholarship of $1,000 will be given as a continuing education scholarship to an individual at St. James Catholic Church. Please contact the church for an application.

FUTURE EDUCATORS OF AMERICA (Betty Lou and George Rutledge) SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School seniors planning to major in education)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
On Easter Sunday, April 6, 1953, Betty Lou Haynes was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. She grew up in Fulton and graduated from Itawamba Agricultural High School in 1971 where she was a cheerleader, editor of the yearbook, and very involved in many school and church activities. She was voted Best All Around and received the Citizenship Award at graduation. She continued her education at Itawamba Community College, where she was a cheerleader and editor of the yearbook and a member of the ICC Hall of Fame. She graduated from Mississippi State University in 1975 with a B.S. in Business Education. Since there was no opening in the area for a Business Education teacher, she began her employment with the Mississippi Research and Development Center in Tupelo. Her desire to teach began at her alma mater, IAHS, where she taught for one year. Since there was a dire need for Special Education teachers, she returned to the University of Mississippi and received her M.Ed. in Special Education. She taught at Fulton Grammar School. the ICC Special Vocational Education Department, and Milam Junior High School before joining the staff of Tupelo High School in 1982 as a Learning Strategies teacher for Special Education. At Tupelo High School she also served as the cheerleader sponsor and yearbook editor for several years. She received many awards while teaching including the Teacher of Distinction and the “Extra Mile Award.” She felt that one of her greatest accomplishments was organizing the Future Educators of America (FEA) Chapter at THS. She felt that students should be given the opportunity to explore teaching before they went to college. She sponsored the “Shadow a Teacher” and the Inspirational Teacher Luncheon. The goal of FEA is “growing our own teachers” for Tupelo to reap many benefits in the future for the city and school system.

On March 10, 1984, she married George C. Rutledge, her devoted husband who supported her in all endeavors. Betty Lou devoted much time and effort in to helping all her students learn and receive a high school diploma. She realized that all do not learn by the same methods or at the same pace. Therefore, she used various modalities to provide information. She spent endless hours in typing notes for her students, taping reviews and tests, giving oral reviews, and making arrangements for her students to have additional time for assignments and tests. She believed teaching” life” lessons were very important. She wanted them to understand that life can be hard, but obstacles can be overcome. In December, 1999, Betty Lou had to face one of life’s biggest obstacles when she was diagnosed with Stage IIIB breast cancer which was very aggressive and already in her lymph system. In 2000 after enduring nine months of chemotherapy and 36 radiation treatments her cancer went into remission. In 2001, one year after her last radiation treatment, the cancer moved to her liver. At this time she was given two years at the most. In November 2002, another setback came when the cancer went to her brain where there were 15 tumors. At this time, Betty Lou decided that due to her declining health and her desire for her students to have the best education possible, she would retire from the job she loved after more than 27 years. Twelve radiation treatments followed by Gamma Knife and eventually four brain surgeries led to her being unable to participate in the activities she loved – school and church activities, traveling, reading , and golf. She was an inspiration to all who knew her and some who have only heard about her and her courageous fight and positive attitude. As members of the First United Methodist Church, faith was a very important to Betty Lou and George. The only thing she asked God to do was to give her the strength to face whatever there was to face. She learned the most valuable lesson in life – enjoy life because nobody has promised anybody tomorrow. On December 5, 2006, Betty Lou’s long seven year battle with cancer ended. Betty Lou touched so many lives in and out of the classroom with her zest for life and her courageous inner spirit in health and sickness. She was a living testimony of her faith in God and her commitment to the advancement of humankind.

This $1,000 scholarship is for a graduating senior at Tupelo High School who is a member of Future Educators of America and will be majoring in education.

ALLIENE GIBENS SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School seniors)

Deadline: 03/31/2019
The Alliene Gibens “Be a Hero” Scholarship was established in 1994. It is the hope of her children that the recipients will be driven by a generous spirit and a compassionate heart to become a hero in their community. This scholarship is available to graduating seniors at Tupelo High School with a minimum 2.5 GPA.

SHEILA HUTCHESON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (for Saltillo High School seniors with a preference for those planning to go into education)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
This scholarship was established for students at Saltillo High School. There is a preference for those students who plan to go into the field of education. Applicants must attend college in Mississippi, have a minimum 2.75 GPA and have a minimum of 18 on their ACT.

ROWLAND JOYNER LEARNING SKILLS (for scholarships to the Learning Skills Center in Tupelo)

Deadline: No current application available
Rowland Joyner was the inspiration for Doyce Deas to establish the Learning Skills Center in Tupelo to help not only Rowland, but other students with learning disabilities. After years of struggling with dyslexia and ADHD, he achieved a lifelong dream when he enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America. In lieu of wedding gifts, Rowland and his wife Anastasia asked that gifts be made for the Learning Skills Center so that another child with learning disabilities could become academically competitive. For more information, please contact the Learning Center.

JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF TUPELO SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High or Lee County seniors)

Deadline: 03/31/2019
Numerous scholarships are given to graduating seniors in Lee County by the Junior Auxiliary of Tupelo. For more infomation, please contact the Junior Auxiliary of Tupelo.

JORDAN LINDSEY CHRISTIAN CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP (for seniors in Lee or Monroe Counties planning to go into the medical field)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
Established in memory of Jordan and his love of life, friends, the medical profession and most importantly, Jesus Christ. Jordan had many friends and touched many people during his lifetime. He graduated from Nettleton High School with special honors. He lettered in tennis, football, and baseball and received numerous academic awards and honors in high school including 2004 Nettleton High School Hall of Fame.

He was an active member of Nettleton First Baptist Church. His witty personality, contagious smile and great passion to follow Christ left incredible impressions in the hearts of those that were blessed to have known him. This scholarship will be awarded to students from Lee or Monroe County who are pursuing a degree in the medical field and who plan to attend college in the state of Mississippi.

This scholarship is open to any Lee or Monroe County graduating senior. To be eligible, the student must attend college or university in the state of Mississippi, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and major in a medical field. The award is a one-time payment of $1,000.

RENASANT BANK - JIM AND NANCY INGRAM SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School seniors planning to attend the University of Mississippi)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
Established by Merchants & Farmers Bank, this fund honors the memory of Mr. Ingram and his years of service. This scholarship is open to graduating seniors at Tupelo High School who are planning to attend the University of Mississippi. The scholarship is a one-time award of $250.


Deadline: 03/31/2019
John Marchbanks and his wife Frances desired to help people overcome their problems, misfortunes, and handicaps, and to assist them in helping themselves to achieve better lives and become productive citizens. The Marchbanks left an $8.5 million gift to benefit Lee County. The fund makes grants every year, including scholarship grants to Shannon High School seniors

JAKE MAY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (for Saltillo High School seniors preference for those interested in agriculture or forestry)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
The Jake May Memorial Scholarship was established for Saltillo High School graduating seniors with preference to those with an interest in agriculture or forestry. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 and a minimum ACT score of 18.

MISSISSIPPI PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School senior planning on going into education)

Deadline: Please contact your high school counselor
Established as a tribute to the life of Emily McDonald who was adored by all those who knew her. Supporters of this fund honor the generous spirit of compassion that defined Emily’s life.

This scholarship is awarded to students who exemplify Christian morals, sincere unselfishness, and a monetary need for college assistance. Emily’s life was characterized by a generous and humble attitude toward everyone. It is our hope that through this scholarship her spirit of generosity will endure.

This scholarship is available to a graduating senior at Myrtle Attendance Center.

BOB AND MARILYN MONROE SCHOLARSHIP (not granting at this time)

Deadline: Currently not granting
Established by student leaders at Tupelo High School when Marilyn Monroe passed away, the endowment provides scholarships to students from Tupelo High School who enter the field of education.

J.T. NEELY SOFTBALL SCHOLARSHIP (for graduating seniors who payed softball for the city of Tupelo)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
J.T. Neely, known as Pop to most, was a longtime supporter of softball and baseball. A familiar sight to all at the ballparks, committee meetings, and umpire training, Pop worked very hard to make sure people in the community had the very best. If anyone stepped out of line or a parent got rowdy, he was quick to utter his famous words “tighten up”. The J.T. Neely Softball Scholarship was started in 2002. It is a one-time $1,000.00 scholarship offered annually to a High School Senior girl who has played ball with Tupelo Parks and Recreation. Pop passed away in 2006, but his legacy lives on.

RYAN PETTIT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (for seniors at Tupelo High School, or other area seniors who apply through Marty Pettit Photography)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
Ryan Pettit

July 7, 1987 – November 19, 2010

Ryan enjoyed people and had a contagious smile. He never met a stranger. He enjoyed playing sports, and in high school he competed in both baseball and football. Ryan attended Tupelo High School and Mooreville High School. He then attended Meridian Community College and the Nossi College of Art in Tennessee.

Ryan also loved the outdoors, whether he was on the water, at the beach, in the mountains, or just in his own back yard. He taught private swim lessons during high school. He lived in Colorado for a year and worked at a ski resort.

He was a hero in the eyes of his family and friends. He did not judge people – he saw them as individuals and as creations of God.

Ryan died at the young age of 23. During his short time on earth, he accomplished a lot and made a huge impact on many people.

This scholarship is for seniors at Tupelo High School or other area seniors who apply through Marty Pettit Photography.

MR. AND MRS. B.L. RIEVES SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School seniors)

Deadline: 03/31/2019
Established by their children as a Christmas gift, the Mr. & Mrs. B.L. Rieves Scholarship Fund was permanently endowed in 2005. The fund provides scholarships to Tupelo High School seniors who may not be eligible for other scholarship funding.

WINIFRED AND MAYFIELD RILEY TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIP (for Nettleton High School juniors or seniors)

Deadline: No current application available
Given in their memory by their children and their spouses, the Winifred and Mayfield Riley Travel Scholarship is given to a junior or senior at Nettleton High School who has demonstrated leadership potential and significant curiosity about learning through travel to foreign countries and who has a minimum 2.75 GPA.

This scholarship is given every other year. The student is given a scholarship for a foreign trip which will be taken with other area high school students.

GEORGE H. SCHULTZ SCHOLARSHIP (not granting at this time)

Deadline: Currently not granting
Established by Mr. Schultz’s daughter, Dora Crudele, in memory of her father, a long-time director of the Tupelo High School Band. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating Tupelo High School band member who majors in music education. Currently, this fund is not granting scholarships.

TYLER SLOAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (for Saltillo High School seniors)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
Tyler was born December 4, 1989 in Memphis, Tennessee, the son of Tommy and Kristi Sloan and brother to Bailey and Madeline.

Tyler was a 2008 graduate of Saltillo High School. There he was an avid athlete, participating as a member of the baseball, football, and golf teams. Playing golf was his favorite pastime and he spent many hours on the course or the driving range at The Trace. In anything Tyler chose to do, academically or athletically, he always strove for excellence.

Tyler had a magnetic personality, such warm compassion for others and a smile that would light up any room. He had an obvious love for his family, his friends, and all who knew him, and this showed in everything he did. He touched many lives, of all ages, in his 20 years on earth and left an inspiring legacy to us all. He had a special magnetism to children, and he was drawn to them as well.

Paramount to the love he had for others was the love he had for his Savior, Jesus Christ. He was so deeply proud of his faith and never missed an opportunity to witness to his peers. To know Tyler was to know his love for and devotion to Christ. His favorite scripture verse is found in Psalms 27:1. It reads, “The Lord is my light and my salvation – so why should I be afraid? The Lord protects me from danger – so why should I tremble?”

Tyler lived knowing that he could do or face anything with Jesus beside him. Now his new home is in Heaven, and he is smiling that smile he was so famous for, adding to the beauty and splendor that awaits us there.

This scholarship is for a graduating senior and athlete at Saltillo High School.

GALE STAUFFER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (for graduating seniors in Lee County who are children of full-time first responders)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
The Gale Stauffer Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to preserve the memory of Gale Stauffer, a Tupelo police officer, who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving and protecting the citizens of Tupelo and Lee County. The fund also seeks to pay tribute to the men and women who serve Tupelo and Lee County as full-time state certified first responders in law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency services. Children of these first responders who are graduating from high school in Lee County are eligible to apply for scholarships from this fund. Up to $10,000 in scholarships will be awarded each year, with individual scholarships expected to range from $1,000 – $2,500 depending on the number of applications received.

STUBBS SCHOLARSHIP (for graduating seniors at Baldwyn High School)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
Established by the estate of Frank B. Stubbs, a native of Baldwyn, this scholarship is awarded to graduates of Baldwyn High School. The award is a one-time $500 award paid directly to the selected winner’s college or university.

TUPELO LUNCHEON CIVITAN SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo and Lee County seniors)

Deadline: 03/31/2019
Established in 2003, this endowment provides scholarships to students from Tupelo and Lee County. For more information, please contact the Tupelo Luncheon Civitan Club.

KAROL JEAN VOGE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School seniors attending Ole Miss and majoring in education)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
The Karol Jean Voge Memorial Scholarship was established by friends and colleagues of Karol’s. It is a $500 scholarship given annually to a Tupelo High School senior who is attending Ole Miss. Education majors are given preference in the scholarship selection.

PRESLY WALLACE, JR SOCCER SCHOLARSHIP (given to a Tupelo High School soccer player)

Deadline: No current application available
Presly Thornton Wallace, Jr.

September 28, 1989 – January 6, 2008

Presly Wallace attended Tupelo Public Schools in Tupelo, MS. He was an avid soccer player and a member of the Tupelo High School championship soccer team. Presly played soccer for the Tupelo Futbol Club, MS United and MS Fire Select teams, where he helped his teammates to capture state and international tournament championships. Presly was assistant coach for the TFC U-11 boy’s team, where his legacy continues to have a positive influence. He was chosen Volunteer of the Year by the Tupelo Sports Council for his volunteer work with TOPS soccer for handicapped citizens.

Presly was a member of First Presbyterian Church in Tupelo. In the words of a Tupelo parent, “He loved God and it was shown in his life to those around him.” Presly’s life of 18 years touched many people. He always had a ready smile, an encouraging word and a huge caring heart.

Presly loved everyone and everyone loved Presly! The world is a better place because Presly Wallace has been here … and his love and work continues … he’s busy helping God take care of all of us now.

This scholarship is given to a senior soccer player at Tupelo High School.


Deadline: 03/8/2019


Deadline: 03/8/2019
Established by Lewis Whitfield in memory of his mother who devoted her life to helping others, this scholarship is awarded to a Tupelo High School graduating senior planning to attend Emory University, Mississippi State University, Texas A & M, Vanderbilt, or Yale University.

CHRIS WALL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (for Tupelo High School seniors)

Deadline: 03/8/2019
Information about the scholarship will be updated soon.


Deadline: 03/8/2019
Information about the scholarship will be updated soon.


Deadline: 3/31/2019

MAGGIE THOMPSON PHIPPS DANCE SCHOLARSHIP FUND (For Tupelo and Lee County Schools' High School Seniors)

Deadline: 3/8/19


Deadline: 3/8/19

BGC Education Scholarship Fund (For Tupelo High School Seniors)

Deadline: 3/31/19


Deadline: 3/31/19
The winner of this award will receive a one time $1000 award paid directly to a college or university.


Deadline: 3/8/19

NETTLETON CHURCHES BIBLE SCHOLARSHIP (Open to Nettleton High School Seniors)

Deadline: 3/31/19

SAVANNAH STRONG SCHOLARSHIP (For Shannon High School Seniors)

Deadline: 3/31/19