Contact:  Albine Bennett, Coordinator
Office: 662-844-8989
Cell Phone:  662-255-9316

Keeping our focus on the Wellspring Fund’s tenants of Expose, Prepare, & Connect, virtual experiences will be built out and resources/activities will be collected for our schools to access and execute. The Expo timeline will be from October 2020 to March 2021, giving more opportunity for student engagement. Further, the resources will become a ‘virtual library’ to be utilized each year and continue to build upon showcasing the 18 Career Pathways and our partners. 




App Information (coming soon)

Pathfinder Name Chart 2020



1 MINUTE MENTOR VIDEOS: We strongly encourage all past participants/career professionals (in all organizations who have participated in your pathway) to create a “Mentor-for-a-Minute” video.  This video should include their name, organization, job title and description and some information about what their day-to-day activities look like.  A summary of items they would say to the students if they spoke to them in person. These videos can also include tours.

Attached are instructions and details for the “Mentor-for-a-Minute” videos.  Please encourage submission as soon as possible.   Our goal is to have hundreds of videos made by our community career professionals available to thousands of students across our region.  We will compile the videos by pathway so we want to be sure every pathway has lots of career professionals showcasing their career!  I will send out updates of how many videos are received by each pathway.

Deadline for all one minute videos is Friday, August 7



RESOURCES: Suggestions for resources (company resources, pathway resources, etc.).  If your organization or business has a website that has career related content or marketing materials that is appropriate for career exploration, please share those with me.  I will be compiling a resource page for students by pathway.  

Deadline: Friday, August 7.