How to make a Will that WORKS

Some estate plans are more effective than others. What the most effective plans have in common, however, is a well-thought-out will that works in concert with other estate planning tools.


Consider the “Four P’s” of estate planning:

  • Persons. Who are the people and charitable interests for whom you would like to provide?.
  • Property.  List all of your property, in whatever form, along with its cost, today’s value, and the way it is owned.
  • Plans.  Consider how you would like to “match” your property with the persons in your life.
  • Planners.  List all professional advisors who would assist you in making your plans a reality.

Your will is just one part of an effective estate plan — but a vitally important part.

If you are considering a charitable distribution as part of your plans, please contact us for more in-depth information that may be of interest to you and will offer helpful background for your attorney, accountant, or other professional advisor.

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