Financial Information

Release of legally required public information about CREATE will be made when an individual specifically requests that information in person or in writing. CREATE Forms 990 are available through the link at the bottom of this page.

Investment Program

CREATE Foundation preserves and protects your investments and charitable intentions forever.  The unique power of endowments means that as your gifts grow, they continue to benefit the community now and in the future.  In order to accomplish this, the majority of CREATE Foundation’s endowed funds are pooled together and invested for the long-term.  The following provides a brief explanation about CREATE Foundation’s investment pool which includes investment strategy, asset allocation, investment funds, investment objective, spending policy, and investment performance.


CREATE Foundation’s investment strategy seeks to preserve the value of the funds under management and to provide growth and income to support the charitable purposes for which the funds were created.  This strategy is based on the Total Return concept, which allows investment managers to focus on maximum total return from capital appreciation, dividends and interest.

Asset Allocation:

As seen in the tables below, CREATE Foundation has established a strategic asset allocation which seeks to diversify investments.  A large portion of CREATE Foundation’s endowment portfolio is invested in equities in order to achieve long term growth, and it is diversified among equity classes in order to minimize risk.  Risk is further minimized by investing a portion of CREATE Foundation’s portfolio in fixed income, alternatives, and cash.

Asset Allocation
Equity (Stocks) Target 59.23%
Fixed Income (Bonds) Target 26.41%
Alternatives 13.07%
Cash 1.28%

Investment Consultant and Mutual Funds:

The Endowment Fund is actively managed by using an asset allocation investment portfolio consisting of equity mutual funds, one fixed income mutual fund, one money market mutual fund, and individual fixed income securities.  A list of the mutual funds that comprise the asset allocation investment portfolio is provided below.

  • Investment Consultant:  Hardy Reed Investment Advisors, LLC Tupelo, MS
  • Custodian:  Fidelity Investments

Investment Objective:

CREATE Foundation has established an investment objective of a return equal to or greater than 5% more than the rate of inflation as measured by the CPI.

Spending Rate Policy:

The current spending rate policy provides an annual distribution of 4% of the calendar year-end market value.

Investment Performance of the Endowment Fund:

  Quarter to Date Last Year Net Return Last 3 Years Net Return
CREATE Foundation Consolidated Report 8.34% 2.40% 18.24%
Custom Blended Index (Benchmark) 8.26% 2.35% 19.13%




Privacy Policy


Document Retention and Destruction


Conflict of Interest Policy


2017 Audit and Financial Statements

It is the goal of the Foundation to be accountable to our community and to comply with the Internal Revenue Code and regulations with respect to public inspection of the Foundation’s IRS FORMS 990 and 990-T (if applicable). CREATE will provide a copy without charge, other than a reasonable fee for postage costs, of all or any part of any application or return required to be made available for public inspection to any individual who makes a request for such a copy in person or in writing.


CREATE Forms 990 may also be accessed through Guidestar. Please click the following link to access: GuideStar CREATE Foundation

Center for Fiduciary Excellence Certification

CREATE Foundation is the first foundation in the world to successfully complete the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) certification process. The CEFEX standard of excellence for investment stewards is based on 22 fiduciary practices that seek to increate long-term investment performance by diversifying the portfolio, evaluating investment management fees, and selecting investment managers.

National Standards Compliance

The CREATE Foundation has been confirmed in compliance with the Council on Foundations National Standards. The National Standards Seal signifies that CREATE Foundation has met rigorous National Standards and has demonstrated its commitment to financial security, transparency, and accountability.

Charity Navigator Certification

In 2014, CREATE Foundation earned its eight 4-star rating for its ability to efficiently manage and grow its finances. Only a small percentage of the charities rated have received eight 4-star evaluations, indicating that CREATE Foundation consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way and outperforms most other charities in America.