Donor Advised Funds: Your Flexible Giving Opportunity

A Donor Advised Fund is an agreement between the donor and CREATE Foundation that gives the donor the right to advise how his or her contributions to CREATE will be distributed to other charities.   The Donor Advised Fund is CREATE’s most flexible and popular fund for donors to direct charitable gifts. Establishing your own named charitable fund does not require great wealth and it isn’t complicated.

You can:

  • Provide ongoing support to your favorite organizations.
  • Choose different nonprofit organizations each year during your lifetime.
  • Make your own choices! Take advantage of our staff’s expertise to help you address the community’s most pressing challenges.
  • Distribute gifts during your lifetime or leave a lasting legacy – or both!

We are here to help with all aspects of your charitable giving. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a donor or have any questions, please click the link or contact us at 844-8989 for more information.



Bobby and Barbara Martin know the joy of giving back to their community. Their donor advised fund allows them to be a catalyst for change through giving back. It also makes it easy to keep track of all their charitable giving. It is simple to establish a fund and make contributions and grant recommendations. Both may be made online. Gifts may be made to any charitable organization the donor chooses.

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