North Monroe County



In December 2005, Monroe County joined the other CREATE community affiliates in the mission of building local endowments. The local board of the North Monroe County Community Fund focuses on making their communities aware of the giving opportunities that the  foundation provides.

The North Monroe County Community Fund (NMCCF) is a local charitable community foundation through which individuals, families, organizations, and businesses can invest in the future well being of north Monroe County. NMCCF uses income from the endowment to support local initiatives to improve the quality of life for all north Monroe County residents. It is structured to keep pace with the changing times and to make sure that this foundation fund continues to grow and support the community into the future. Having a local affiliate helps donors target charitable giving at home by building an endowment or community “savings account.”

The North Monroe County Community Fund provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to give back to their community and to ensure that their gifts will benefit future generations in the greater Amory area and north Monroe County. Interested donors or for additional information and questions, contact Juanita Floyd at CREATE at (662) 844-8989.


Board Members:

Bobby Cleveland

George Darden

Mary Lib Francis

Art Gentry

Dottie Haney

Geneva Moon

Larry Palmer

Dr. Len Pinkley

Tony Poss

Deborah Rogers