Lowndes County


Jan Eastman, Executive Director
108 Alabama Street
New Albany, MS 38652


The Lowndes Community Foundation joined CREATE Foundation on November 1, 2012. The mission of the Lowndes Community Foundation will continue to be to help Lowndes County residents improve their quality of life through tax-deductible donations. The Foundation provides to the community (1) much needed funding for worthwhile projects, (2) seed money for organizations, (3) matching funds for grants from many other sources, (4) funding for new community initiatives, (5) a flexible vehicle for charitable giving, and (6) permanent endowments to address community challenges and opportunities long into the future.


Board of Directors

Boyce Adams

Jake Black

Joe Boggess

Matt Bogue

Tom Buckley

Jim Davidson

Jeff Farnham

Rita Felton

Jay Fishes

Bobby Harper

George S. Hazard, Jr.

Wanda Holley

Frank Howell

Deborah Johnson

Darren Jordan

Ralph McLain

Tango Moore

Bain Nickels

Bridget Pieschel

Helen Pridmore

Josie Shumake, Chair

Bob Raymond

Pam Russell

 LCF Grant Proposal Guidelines_Application.pdf


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