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When we began planning for this year’s Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo, we couldn’t have predicted the current circumstances our world is experiencing. Our continued goal is to create career awareness which exposes, prepares, and connects our students in the Toyota Wellspring and CREATE counties to career opportunities for their futures. However, our team is aware the event cannot go on as planned this year due to:

  • Safety concerns regarding COVID-19 virus – large gatherings related to Volunteers, Pathfinders, and Schools.
  • School calendars and schedules may be impacted by new protocols regarding health and safety – uncertain at this time.
  • Participating businesses and industries impacted by the current economic demands – limited funding availability to allow participation in the event.

Therefore, after much consideration, the Toyota Wellspring Committee has decided to postpone the in-person career expo until October 2021. Our team is working hard to create an abundance of resource opportunities for the upcoming school year which support our goal of exposing, preparing and connecting our students to careers.

Keeping our focus on the Wellspring Fund’s tenants of Expose, Prepare, & Connect, virtual experiences will be built out and resources/activities will be collected for our schools to access and execute. The Expo timeline will be from October 2020 to March 2021, giving more opportunity for student engagement. Further, the resources will become a ‘virtual library’ to be utilized each year and continue to build upon showcasing the 18 Career Pathways and our partners. 

Some of the ideas include:

  • Collaborative meetings with Lead Pathfinders to curate new and efficient methods for student connection
  • Curate a library of videos to feature digital resources such as, virtual tours, interviews with employees, a “day-in-the-life” of pathfinders, and information regarding the process to enter the career field
  • Increase emphasis on using YouScience (Lead Pathfinders/Pathfinders can share how YS results connect to each career. Create a video ‘walk-through’ on how schools will access YS.)
  • Streamline the transition from 8th grade to 10th grade students (Use feedback from school site visits, focus groups and surveys to craft a template for transitional topics addressing high school students.)
  • Utilize interactive technologies such as videoconferencing and interactive platforms

Thank you in advance for your continued leadership as a stakeholder in our community. 


The Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo Team 

2020 Virtual Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo
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“When the young people in this state realize the opportunities that are here, they will be grateful for what can be accomplished.”  ~George McLean

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