Chickasaw County


Contact: Bobby Mooneyham, Executive Director

PO Box 98

Van Vleet, MS 38877



Established:  January 2001

Our county has ongoing needs and special projects unique to our citizens. PACE helps ensure that we have endowed resources, raised and allocated by local people, to address our own communities’ challenges now and in the future.

PACE, established in 2001, serves as a community foundation with the mission of improving the quality of life for people in Chickasaw County.  The foundation serves as a vehicle to invest our money where our hearts are – in our home place, leaving legacies that set the pace for generations to come.

A diverse local board controls and manages the trust fund and disbursements. PACE has an annual grant cycle for March 15 to June 15.



Frank Alford

Alford Bell

Tom Byrne

Dr. Betsy Collums

Hassell Franklin

Bobby Mooneyham, Executive Director

Rayburn Parks

Harry Robinson

Bob Scott

Hope Stantz

Gary Staten